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Teledialer - Dialing Solution

Forex Unit Teledialer solution including cutting edge dialer solutions custom made to the Forex and Binary Option market, among our features included :


  1. Fully customisable workflow controls – Implement your own unique business logic.
  2. Comprehensive Admin Dashboard view and real-time statistics of campaign and call statuses.
  3. Robust rules engine allows complete control over each lead’s lifecycle – ‘Lead assignment’, ‘Move to a different campaign’, ‘Send SMS’ , API call when status is ‘Sale/Deposit’ and more…
  4. Custom reports can be generated by the dialer administrator (no IT personnel required).
  5. Sanitize imported databases for valid phone numbers, addresses and relevant time zone of each lead.
  6. Dynamic assignment of leads to agents based on customer’s own local time zone.
  7. RESTful API easily enables feeding the dialer with data in real-time.
  8. Modular architecture which enables the creation of plugins for the rules engine – Sends data back to the CRM based on the administrator’s choice for respective agent actions.
  9. much more

Forex Unit Teledialer Dialing Solution have made my call center 180% more effective and made my sales force work more professionally and stick more to documentation and standardsJean Cohen, GCC Desk Manager